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dreadlocks changing more than your hair

6 years ago
12 posts
Yeah, that would work, I don't want to get too off topic in this thread. Lol.I used to crochet, but stopped because my friends made fun of me. But I'm thinking about starting it again. I've always wanted to learn how to sew. The closest I ever came to sweing was in 7th grade when we made pillows. Lol.
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6 years ago
7 posts

I told my mother that I was going to let my hair dead and she really didnt knowwhat they were,so I showed her some pics and explained that it would take a while and that my hair would be messy for a while.My precious 83 year old mother just smiled and said if that is what you want do it. How cool was that ? She actually liked the pics that I showed her.

Baba Fats said:

Good for you. It is empowering to stop care what others think about you. They not only help with this in the physical sense, but locks can also help you stop caring about how people see your actions

5 years ago
390 posts

I went Vegan and started doing Yoga. Apart from that I'll second what Soaring Eagle says.

My dreadlocks have changed everything about me.

JoJo minx
4 years ago
2 posts
I'm only 6 weeks in and everything is changing I have heaps more confidence, I feel "normal" I feel sexier, my relationship has improved, as my partner finds it more attractive and looks at me in a different way now, the energy between us has changed, I'm feeling more patient, and like someone else had said I feel like I need to now eat better and alter my body inside and out as well. And on a stranger note, I have always had paranormal or spiritual I call it activity around me from time to time, but I have felt a huge increase in this activity, I'm actually now going to find a way to get my own little time outs from this as it is extremely draining, so yes in 6 weeks my entire life has flipped on its head, and for the better, I welcome the change xx
Brittany Goeden
4 years ago
12 posts

I am only a few weeks in, but already I feel changes in myself. They're not fully complete butI am growing and Ican feel it. Definitely a confidence booster. For I was always very particular about how I wanted my hair to look. I wanted it to be perfect and straight and lay exactly in the right spots. I no longer care about that and its been a huge relief. With that being said, since I no longer have to take that extra time to "make myself look nice" I'm enjoying the smaller things in life. :) I thought I was before but I feel a whole new side to it now. For example, instead of taking time to use three different products in my hair in the shower, I can stand there, feel the relaxing warm water running through my hair and on my body. Taking my time showering has somehow just made me see how you can REALLY appreciate the smallest things in life. That to me is so important. Love love love this post! Was gona post my shower scenario earlier but found this:)

Gary Ray
4 years ago
4 posts
My outlook on life. I use to think I had to look a certain way or dress a certain way to be accepted by society. Since I started my journey I have never been so happy with who I am. I don't care about the mold of society any more, I just care about being who I truly am. Also since I stated using more natural products on my hair it's got me to thinking about what other natural products I can start using.
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