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dreadlocks changing more than your hair

Nicholas janousek
6 years ago
49 posts

@ Baba yeah its getting really hectic abd drives me insane most of the time but it's so worth it lol

@ Angel Yeah i used to be pretty crazy about my hair i used to be in that "scene" kinda style i guess you could call it so my hair was always straight and brushed and nice looking but now I'm just like meh my hair will do what it wants i think it likes the freedom and i think it looks soooo much better than it used to and I'm surprised its dreading as well as it is I mean its going sorta slow but with how my hair is real thin and straight/wavy so i figured it was gonna be awhile till my hair started to knot but I got my first dread in like 3 weeks and they just added on since then I have about i think at least 15 and i still have alot of loose hair but even thats starting to become scarce lol I cant wait to see what else they're gonna do when i hit my year mark :] but until then I'm just gonna enjoy the show

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6 years ago
37 posts

I feel my dreads have made me more peaceful. I dont know how or why. perhaps its because thru my dreads i found this site, all these wonderful people, new friends, a new lifestyle, all new things that seem to cater to how i really feel on the inside. while i believe i may have become slightly obsessed with my dreads(im sure the effect will wear off) i dont believe ive let them come to define me. it's more like they've opened a doorway. but what do i know. that's just how i feel

6 years ago
3 posts

What a great question! I feel that there are a few positive changes I associate with my dreads not because they were instigated by them but rather because they collided (did I create my dreads or did they create me? I digress). However, the biggest change I noticed almost right away was how right it felt. I had wanted dreadlocks for a long time and finally following through had a pretty intense 'you are home' feel. Like I already had them on the inside; a union of the body and soul in a way. My dreads represent all the parts about myself that I love. And while I would still love those parts of myself regardless of my hair they are a great reminder of it every day.

I was going to end it on that thought ^ but there's one other thing that I feel is worth mentioning, as I read a couple of posts that referred to this phenomenon: perfectionism. I have it. It creeps up into everything I do and think if I let it. I was a girl who refused to wear my hair down unless it was ironed, and when it was in a ponytail (which was most of the time) it had to be brushed perfectly. I feel like I finally have hair I don't have to obsess over. No matter what my hair looks like when I wake up it's exactly as it should be. The imperfection of it all is one the things I love most about the journey. I thought I would really struggle with this issue but found myself cured of it instead. And it didn't just stop at my hair, this wonder-cure has started to infect other parts of my life. The ripple effect is in full swing over here and I find myself excited to challenge perfectionism in other areas of my life. On that note I leave you with one of my favorite quotes: "May you never suffer the tragedy of perfection my friend"

Thanks for posting this question, I've really enjoyed reading everyone's individual experiences :)

Bianca Poell
6 years ago
5 posts

personally i think that it made me feel more comfortable about myself in general. I dont worry much about how i look now that i got my dreads becasue before i was so self concious that i think it was affecting my self esteem. I have decided to get dreadlocks as a part of marking a new chapter in my life so i guess it really changed my perspective a lot not only physically but symbolically on my emotional side as well.

6 years ago
30 posts

My dreads have made me relax more. I don't really know why - its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Sometimes things happen in your life that make you realise life is short and you have to do the things that matter to you - dreads matter to me (and I know that sounds dumb but they do)

Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,710 posts

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that growing locks is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. Before you decided to grow them, you probably, even if you didn't realize it, did some things for the benefit of others rather than for yourself. Growing locks helps release you from that bond. You start to realize that you don't have to look a certain way to fit others idea of normal. Some people get that without locks, but locks do help.

It's good that your locks matter to you and that they are not just forfashion. I couldn't ever imagine thinking of my hair as just hair.

Circle Dancer
6 years ago
121 posts

They made me feel sexier. Which is funny, because I know a lot of people in the world would have said I was way sexier before with my sleek black hair that went all the way down to my butt. But the fact of the matter is, I didn't feel like "me" with that hair... never really did. That's why I wore it up in a messy bun for years.

Dreads made me, ME. I feel like ME now. My outsides match who I am on the inside. And while some might disagree that my hair is sexier now, the confident vibe I send out now definitely is noticeable.

chalale young
6 years ago
1 posts

I have just started natural dreads 3 days ago and i feel like i have found a side of that i did not know i had and i love it. I have began eating more healthy and not that processed stuff or chemical stuff i feel like i am more healthy and like i am more just relaxed.

Kerri Wheeler
6 years ago
1 posts

Dreadlocks have upped my self esteem greatly to be honest. Before, my hair was super crazy; I was nicknamed the lioness by a few of my friends haha. Dreads have taken that away and also earned me lots of compliments. I totally dig them and don't plan on getting rid of them ever, they not only raise my self esteem but also are just fun to have.

Btw, for all those concerned Dreads DO NOT stop you from getting a job. I earned a job as a lab assistant at a university with them about 6 months ago.

Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,710 posts

Good to know. I am a Bio major. I never had doubts that I'd get a job in a lab. Scientists are strange people anyways. But it's good to hear from another person working in a lab that they didn't have any issues

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