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This is so sad...why am I laughing?

6 years ago
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What I meant with 'decreasing' was that one doesn't have to wait for the hair to have a certain length, as short as half an inch will suffice.

Well, there is nothing "great" about evenly sized dreads as such, just a matter of taste is what it boils down to. For me, its basic curiosity; I just want to know how my head would look I've mentioned, I've had the freeform experience, now I want to try things differently.

As an earlier commentator mentioned, many black people believe to appear more presentable and/or professional with evenly sized dreads, so I guess that is a factor to be taken into consideration when asking oneself why people want such a style..

Oh, and I've started the "mindless twiddling", so the rubbing has decreased furthermore ;)

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the Barrellady
6 years ago
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IAMDAMIAN says "while manyCaucasians' hair I've encountered looked and smelled anything but appealing for weeks, months, or years even.....(Of course I know not every Caucasian has dirty dreads, I am generalizing to make a point. That is clear, I hope.)"

I would like to point out to the writer of the comment that smelly dreads, whether on Caucasian, African American etc. are usually caused by wax & lotions. Loctitions, hair salons & uninformed friends think that adding products to the hair dreads them, or use them because they want order & not freedom for their dreads, and these same people also tell the customer not to wash their hair.. All it does is hold water, dirt, stink & crap. So IAMDAMIAN, your comment is for everyone who has dreads with products in them. If you smelled the hair of most of us on this site, you would smell cleanliness, lavender, rosemary, tee tree and above all, freshness.

I promote washing, the site promotes washing and most of the members promote washing.

iamdamien said:

Yes, this is a bit old, but I still got an account here just to ask, since I amapparentlylacking humor:

What exactly is so funny about this? It seems to be a good method for creating twists quickly which, in turn, can then form into thin dreads. So what you laughing about? You are laughing about the method, not the people, correct?

I used to have nice dreads about 10 years ago using the neglect method. Now I want them again, and when I saw this, I thought to myself, "Nice, that will hasten things!". So I bought a sponge at a gas station, poked holes into it, and started rubbing...3 minutes later, I had the twists. That was about a week ago, and now I can already feel my hair slowly locking up, even though I've washed twice since (I do lots of sports, not washing is NOT an option).

Seriously, I don't get how you can on the one hand make fun of this, because a bit of skull can be seen in the early stages (which many do find attractive, btw), while manyCaucasians' hair I've encountered looked and smelled anything but appealing for weeks, months, or years even. I don't want to turn this into a racial discussion, I merely want to point out that, well, "when in a house of glass..." get the picture.(Of course I know not every Caucasian has dirty dreads, I am generalizing to make a point. That is clear, I hope.)

So, what am I missing? I want to laugh, too.

Again, i don't mean do preach, even though I guess I am, I just really really really don't get it.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,585 posts

they find the skull atractive because they are conditiooned to theres an epidemic among african americans
50,000 16 year olds a day have to have haiur transplants
each hair transplant cost thousands
why do so many 16 year olds need transplants? cause salons sell you on the skull showing look as the only tidy aceptible and therefore atractive look they teach yiou to be ashamed if you have hair on your head

its called traction alopecia its not atractive its diseased

it looks like they are in chemootherapy
but in realitythey are just destroyong their scalp on purpose

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
Κύριε Ελέησόν
6 years ago
92 posts
Wow. That's a pretty cool starter method! I bet it takes like 30 minutes tops! Also, I doubt rubbing a sponge on one's scalp would prove to cause horrific amounts of damage. Yeah, there's scalp showing but, as previously mentioned, it's probably just due to the length of the hair and because the twists are tight enough to bind the hair into sections. Not to mention, if this particular individual has thin hair, then that alone with the short length could make a lot of scalp visible. Before my hair was dreaded, when I wore it up in a ponytail I would look like I had bald streaks along my scalp. Not because there was a bunch of tension but because my hair is super thin. As with any starter method, I'm sure one can minimize damage by using some restraint in any force/effort put into the technique.Not everyone can nor wants to go completely natural. That is fine. And this appears to be another great and gentle method of starting dreads - minus the product used and that lady's overzealous rubbing imho! :)Just my humble opinion.
Κύριε Ελέησόν
6 years ago
92 posts
Oh, and these can be made at home and customized depending on the size of dreads desired too. There are videos on YouTube. :)
5 years ago
9 posts

I had to start over this year, due to a hairy mishap.

However, I started again a few months back. First with the sponge, now without. I basically used it, until it did more damage than good on the intertwining part.

Since then, I've just been leaving them alone, apart from some "mindless twiddling" ;) I wash them daily, so they hold together well, for sure. So I can only encourage the sponge method, if you have very curly hair.

I'll upload some pictures in a few...if I don' forget :)

Drea Starwillow
5 years ago
4 posts

Hahaha, what the hell is with the whimsical flowers half way through? when did this become a fem. products commercial? then the creeper in the background staring into the cam right after the flower bit, LOL!
I do want to feel his hair when its all done.. i bet it feels pokey.. OMG THIS IS HOW SIDESHOW BOB GOT HIS DREADS!!! :D

5 years ago
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I cant stop laughing at both videos xD

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