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how often do you wash your locks?

average joe
10 years ago
34 posts
Yea no hard feelings

Trina Sandress said:

I apologize if my comment seems rude. I didn't see your comment at firsttalking about how often you cleanse your dreads. I just didn't see the reason why you are asking if not for advice or just mere curiosity.

I guess you arejust trying to get a discussion going and trying to get to know people here. So no hard feelings.:-]

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10 years ago
6 posts
So I have really really bad dandruff, and an itchy scalp after one day. I put neem oil mixed with olive oil on my scalp (tried not to get it on my dreads) as neem is fantastic for really really bad psorisis. where I put the neem is fantastic!! hasn't been itching! but i've had to wash my dreads a few times to strip the oils.
10 years ago
12 posts

Um I wash them every two weeks or so, but before it was like once a month because I was so afraid of having to twist my entire head for 6 hours... but now that my dreads are more mature I know I can just wash and separate them so they don't congo and walk away. So I'll be able to wash them more without freaking the fuck out ahah

Evelyn Maes
10 years ago
30 posts

I used to wash them 2 times a week but now it's summer over here and it gets warmer in the nights so you sweat more easily, now i wash them every other day.

10 years ago
140 posts

I don't even feel gross for saying this: Once a month.

I admit that I do palm roll my locks after I wash them, so I try to give it a month to grow out. During the month I use sproil and some other oil on my scalp.

When I used to have box braids or Senegalese twists I used to wash my hair every two months.

10 years ago
1,291 posts

its about twice a week for me. in between i might do a sea salt rinse. before dreading i was washing everyday and would complain about my hair being oily all the time but since cutting back on my washings over the last 10 months i no longer have oily hair. i'm sure the lack of running my fingers through it a million times a day helps too.

10 years ago
155 posts

In the winter once or twice every week or 2. In the summer about 2-3 times a week.

kat black
7 years ago
2 posts

depends on whatcha mean by "wash." I rinse my hair with hot then cold water once every three days, salt -spray it daily, and do a baking soda/ apple cider vinegar thing once a month, right after I get a hair-cut. ( I'm keeping the sides and back buzzed till I can tie the top back.)

I think of the baking soda one as the only "washing" that I do. what do you guys mean by wash? here's a pic today, right after my monthly baking soda thingy.

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