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My Natural Dreads Timeline-Dreadlocks can form fast with neglect

9 years ago
33 posts

Thanks, SE--that makes me feel a lot better. I can't wait to get my hands on that gel to try it out. I hope it works!!

updated by @kass: 07/23/15 07:49:32AM
8 years ago
175 posts

yes rewarding lol us with beautiful knots lol :D goodluck and have a awesome journey peace an love

8 years ago
175 posts

hi, yea mess its awesome tho, beautiful knots and chunks u have hun

ur doing so well and yes mine formed fast as well natural i started sorta wrong but i immediately went natural after trying to section them so i have thicker dreads but lots interesting pieces all about them each unique and wonderful. but urs are pretty

love it, ull get used to them and the mess wont always be so fuffly takes longer for that to all work in :D peace

Diego F.
8 years ago
73 posts

i loved your timeline! They look very cool now!

Nicki Lee
8 years ago
2 posts

ty for posting your time line. I've been a bit worried about mine as it has mostly dreaded on the ends. I'm close to 10 months but have yet to see your progress though (tad jealous lol). My hair has shrunk from my but to above my boobs with my shortest at my shoulders! Can't wait til it does more :)

justin worm
8 years ago
7 posts
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