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7 years ago
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here's a recipe a women with 15 yr old natural locks put on her blog. she calls it her anti lice spray but she says it smells good too.

"My lice prevention spray recipe:
in a small (100ml) spray bottle I put: about 5ml each of Geranium and Rosemary essential oils, 2ml of Lavender essential oil, and about 1ml each of tea tree and citronella oil (citronella is kinda optional, but it's also a good mozzie repellant). Then I top it up with water, give it a good shake, and spray on hair, especially around the neck and behind the ears, before *any* contact with other people, especially kids or hippies :P"

here's her blog entry in case your interested.

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Johnny Barnas
7 years ago
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holy crap man 70 dollars? hahha thats nuts

i found some online where you pick the amount you want. it says that it blends with other essential oils so ill definatly be mixing and matching some different scents.

thanks a bunch for the reference! cant wait till my dreadies smell as sweet as honey!

There are a few companies that make an essential oil, or "honey absolute." You have good taste, but I must say that you picked one of the more expensive oils out there! Lol! It ranges about 70USD for an ounce. It would go a long way, but I could understand if you don't want to pay that much. Still, it's a rare and interesting scent, and I couldn't count all of its benefits on two hands, if you know what I mean. Its generally used by aromatherapists and in hygiene products; about 1 drop per product, as it's very strong.
SunRay Mama
4 years ago
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I like the mix of lavender and tea tree oils, since they are both antimicrobial and are very clean smelling. Also, they last...When I feel a bit sensual, I put in a bit of Ylang Ylang... Works like a charm.

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