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want perfect dreads? perfectly round uniform neat and tidy blunt ends and no bumps?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
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i love itand ya ive seen others try for the perfect dreads only to find the 1 dread thart refused to be perfect was theyre favoriteShannon Rose said: a nurse, i was really trying for the tight, uniform look, but my hair is like me...noncompliant! i do, very much, love my lumps, bumps, loops, etc. i have one at the moment that resembles an ohm symbol. very cool.

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Jezus Ceazar
5 years ago
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I have a friend and her dreads are perfect and sometimes I want them. I guess lately simply because this one girl I know always tells me i need to take mine out and start over, even though I am 100 % sure I'm going down the right path with them but they are far from perfect. I love the craziness until someone dislikes the craziness. Oh how torn I am lol

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