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The ends of some of my dreads are forming large balls....what's up???????

8 years ago
13 posts
Ok, so I'm 6 months in. Let some sections form and helped along with TnR. Other than that, not much interference other than keeping the sections separated. I noticed the other day that the ends of several of my dreads are locking up super nice up top and in the middle, but are forming these strange large balls (for a lack of a better word) at the end. Seriously, I swear more and more are cropping up every day. I feel like I'm beginning to look like a small Christmas tree with these beautiful branches and then those little ball ornaments hanging off the end. It's really strange. I'll be honest that I'm not really fond of this look at all.So is this a phase? Am I simply going through some sort of transition? Do I need to put some beads in or wrap them or something to kinda control what's going on?Any and all help is appreciated!
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8 years ago
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Can you post a pic? I think what you are experiencing is budding. Its normal, happened to me too. It'll stop eventually. Really is nothing to worry about.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,585 posts
its normal nothing to worry aboutsome dreads try to blunt the tuips and some over blunt into the balls iu seeits like looping that pulls up into ballsi dunno what can be done but learn to like emtypicaly u will get a few like that but most wont be

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jennifer stafford
8 years ago
6 posts
Ok, I have the same problem. but what i done was take wool or course thread and tie them up.. looks cool for the most part... i tied it up for halloween and i liked it so i left it.. i only tied the ones that had the balls on the end. i bunched them up wrapped thread around it and tied the ends. and after a week it started to dread around the thread. was not sure if i should leave it like that or not. but it does not seem to be hurting the dreading process (in my hair). just thought i would put my word in on the matter. thanks for listening to me
8 years ago
125 posts
Mine are doing the same thing!!! Underneath it looks like bells hanging from my head :/
JESSICA EVA (Eva Lovelocks)
8 years ago
217 posts
my friend has mature golden color dreads that have balls on the ends of some of them, and i call them her medallions. they look awesome.
8 years ago
13 posts
Thank you all for the reassurance! I think one of the biggest surprises has been for me is how much length I've lost. I was kinda getting worried for a bit that they were all just going to turn into big balls on my head. I'll relax a bit and let them do their thing. I guess they are just being teenagers right now =)
Dee Littlejohn
8 years ago
1 posts
mine used to do the same thing, they will eventually even out, i even used to pull mine off
8 years ago
362 posts
I have them all over my head! Most of mine are really just loops that have formed on top of other loops... so now the ends of some of my dreads look like those knotted chinese good luck ornaments! I find the older they get, the more compressed they become, but they don't show many signs of disappearing anytime soon! I've even tried wrapping them and compressing them into a more cylindrical shape, but to no avail... just learn to love them! It's the best advice for most dread related issues!
Etsu Seed
8 years ago
1 posts
I had those. All I did was palm roll them and with time the even out. :)
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