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Hey everyone, a little help please?

10 years ago
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That's Amy and she's not exactly what I would consider a salon! FireChild said:
If I remember correctly there's someone on here (Caucasian) who helps people with dreads. Might have been a different forum but I'm fairly certain it was this one. (She had dark hair and a pink shirt in her avatar.) It can be rare but it happens. *shrug*

NaturalWomyn said:
I've NEVER heard of a caucasian person going to the salon and having good results. Not to say it's never happened we just see a lot of people very unhappy with the results afterward.

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10 years ago
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Dreading via braids is probably one of the slowest methods. You'll end up with three separate dreads per braid. I think you have to unbraid and rebraid regularly to get them to lock all together.And you always want to clean dreads, no matter what method you use :) Tony Goodtime said:
if u was to get braids like this,
and not clean them like u was going natural for dreads, wouldnt they somewut form into dreads?
10 years ago
849 posts
Natural Dreads ARE Supposed to be CLEAN!! It has nothing to do with cleanliness!lol! Clean hair is essential for any method of dreading. Natural consists of WASHING your hair and separating your dreads. Not being dirty
10 years ago
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Seriously, that is all you have to do. No special shampoos. It is recommend that you use a residue free shampoo like a "Clarifying" shampoo. Some people use diluted Dr. Bronners 18 in 1 liquid soap other use the baking soda and water mixture that you can find on this website.In the end just keep your hair clean on a regular basis and throw away the brush/comb.If you haven't already started cleaning your hair less often starting to do so now will be helpful later on. Tony Goodtime said:
really? that sounds ezish, my hair is really thick, so if i stop using conditioner and never brush again, will ineed to use a special shampoo also?

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