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seriously, coca cola dreadlocks?! and blah, cigarette smoke

owen thompson
10 years ago
19 posts
wow i cant believe the insane crap ppl put in their hair..that aint it lol. natural is the tru tru route*
updated by @owen-thompson: 07/19/15 06:34:58AM
10 years ago
87 posts
Thanks SE and Mannie. Now I just have to find a spray bottle. After a day they still smell gross!@deafy - HAHA "Not only refreshing, its dreadfully good!", we should photoshop that onto something with a big red cross out and a link to better methods at the bottom.@PJ - It might eat dirt, but it'll eat at hair too and attract new dirt with the stickiness. Not worth it, IMO.@Meathead - I actually have some, haha maybe easier than getting a spray bottle.I hope Russian dude reads this thread. I had no idea that coke could peel paint or contain stuff that preserves dead bodies.and gross thought, owen, some people could argue that crap is natural. o.0
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