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i cancelled my kit before it got on homemade dreads???

Tyler hulett
10 years ago
3 posts
So I'm a 20 y/o guy With thin as hell blonde hair and after sone research have started my dreads myself. Must say they are starting nice

soaringeagle said:
no wax no wax no wax u do not want any wax none wax destroys dreads not helps them thank god u cancled the kit its ruined thousands of dreads wax is bad ok nowto dread just wash your hair no conditioning no combing thats alldreads will happen forget the dreadheadhq lies that sites the worse site there isnow if u are not willing to dread naturaly twist and rip just no products none zip nada zero the kits a scam

updated by @tyler-hulett: 07/13/15 12:09:34PM
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