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Help! Top of dreads have gone mental

That Person
10 years ago
9 posts
So I decided upon myself to dread my hair two days ago. It's been a battle ever since. I have kinky hair, curly hair because I'm part Puerto Rican and part Jewish, so the hair type isn't a problem, but the dreads keep splitting and coming unwound-ish but not completely... the top is more the problem. I like to tie them back but basically the top of my head just looks like a fro and no matter how much I try to twist or palm roll it it won't look good. It's annoying especially since I want to look presentable for work, but I cannot. What do I do? And how long until my dreads look more... dready and less like a disaster? They're so frizzy when I wake up...Aurgh i got dreads thinking my hair would need less maintainance but HOLY CHRIST this is far more time than I ever wanted to spend on my hair. They took six hours to do myself, and I backcombed/waxed to make them.
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10 years ago
78 posts
If you want your hair to dread and your your dreads to look better start by washing the wax out...they are 'fake' dreads only held together by dreaduction in the FAQs here :)I heard it here (sorry cant remember who said it) that if you want dreads all you need is time, time, dont put sh*t in it, timegood luck :)
neil coe
10 years ago
361 posts
yea karen is right, you got to get that wax out ASAP, wax is bad, and backcombed dreads almost always come undone, before they will form, it shouldnt be such a big job, all you need is to wash your hair , and time, time is the biggest key, idk dreads are a process, you dont get, nor should you want dreads in a day, if so your doing it for more of a hairstyle kind of thing, its good to take the scenic route sometimes ............. but you can do things like use a sea salt spray on your hair, and or get a wool tam, both help with the knotting,
10 years ago
849 posts
You need to get the gross wax out of your hair! You will have far less problems if you can be successful in the wax removal. Wax attracts dirt, lint and other crap and really hinders the dreading process. Your hair is just glued together and not knotting properly. All you should be doing for maintenance is~wash, separate when needed. Good Luck and keep us updated.
Jack Roth
10 years ago
298 posts
Ure right wax is bad and they come undone but i did the same as u dude and although i wopuld tell u to use wax im am gonna say this, ure gonna get dreads no matter what u do, its what ure hair wants to do, but it does take time. u cant rush my dreads only started looking good at about 6 months :)
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,444 posts
ogh god u never want to wax dreads and u dont want to work on them all the time get every bit of wax out then leave em alone no palm rolling no twisting just leave em alone but remove all that gross waxand u gotta accept they will look bad awhile b4 they look good just tie em back or wear a tamjack meant t0 say wouldnt tell u to use wax..nobody here would ever yell u to use wax

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

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Jeffree Vega.
10 years ago
66 posts
I agree with everyone else. You need to get the wax out. It's basically just sticking your hair together and not giving it any movement so that knots can formI wouldn't push on the palm rolling either. As much as it can make them look 'okay' for a few hours or so, it can also hinder the process by undoing any knots that are formingGet the wax out, keep them clean, seperate as needed and you'll have beautiful looking dreads before you know. It takes time and a LOT of patience, but it's worth the waitDreads aren't just a hairstyle, they are a lifestyle and you grow with themJust relax and enjoy this wonderful rideI wish you luck (:
10 years ago
751 posts
If it's all coming undone then you might as well comb them out and wash with dish soap till you hair is wax free. Then you can try twist and rip(holds better than backcombing) and find yourself a wool tam or a wool sweater to put on your pillow.How long is your hair?
That Person
10 years ago
9 posts
Aurgh... I really don't want to comb it out and do it all over again... if I coomb it out, odds are I won't put thieim back in. Is there a way to get the wax out without starting from square one??? and why do all the 'instructions' for making dreads say to use wax if its bad!??
That Person
10 years ago
9 posts
Oh and I have very long hair. down to mid back. which i grew out specifically for dreading
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