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Got my first comments on my hair yesterday at work..

10 years ago
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I got my first comments on my hair. Usually i tie my air in a pony tail cause at my job I wear a hair net but I decided not to tie them up any more well not as often any ways. Two people said basically the same thing " what'up with your hair, did you dry your hair with your head sticking out the window wile driving?" the other person said " you should brush your hair or something it's like all messy"....I love it!! Comments like that just make my day, I like it that I bother people with the way I look, it's the same when I grow my beard out in the winter even if I do it EVERY year I still get a bunch of comments.."Hey Osama" "you look like Jesus" ,I like that one yeah Jesus (if he existed) had strawberry blond hair and very pale skin, "your wife most hate that ting" and so on... It's funny how they all think it's okay to comment negatively on someones appearance just because they are different from the masses it's funny I love "freaking them out".
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10 years ago
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oh lol i cant believe how much people think they can say horrible things to other people. Man...but there are magazines whose specific purpose is to show you celebrities sweat marks and cellulite...I have a friend that complains about how the media negatively affects peoples self esteem and in the same conversation told me that our friends dreads were horrible because they werent tidy...he said that 'boys talk' and he knew nobody likes them...this guy is 37!!! And the friend is one of my inspirations to get dreads!At least it means your hair is dreading :) cant wait to see how they react to the dreads lol
Jack Roth
10 years ago
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Ive had so many negative comments from retarded pricks on the street but i just smile at them, i dont say anything just smile, they hate it so much :)
10 years ago
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I love your attitude! I feel the same way I didn't dread to get anyone elses approval so I fully expect to get some negative comments. I'm actually really surprised that I haven't yet at 4 months in! I've actually had a bunch of people tell me they love my hair!lol! I always look around thinking they're talking to someone else when they say it! I'm sure that when school starts again for my kids all the conservative moms won't hold back on telling me what a mistake I've made but I couldn't care less, I revel in their disapproving!lol
Jack Roth
10 years ago
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I dont undertand that made a wrong choice? its hair, it doesnt affect ure kids lives and ure kids are probs gonna grow up and be more understanding of the different people in the world and probs just generally nicer people, more open minded and all that :) Rock on natural woman, i want my mum to have dreads lol :P
10 years ago
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I think that's a great attitude! I hope I can remember to stay positive if/when I get negative comments about my hair.
Jack Roth
10 years ago
298 posts
yeah well the people that insult you arent even worth the air they breathe most of the time
10 years ago
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I AGREE!!! UGH!! Emerald said:
"It's funny how they all think it's okay to comment negatively on someones appearance just because they are different from the masses"

I just thought that needed quoting. What a great observation, so true. I only hope I can deal with my first negative reactions with such a great attitude. Luckily no one has said anything negative about my dreads... not to my face anyway ;)
10 years ago
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Mann I kno how that is.. I'm goin to college and for living to be cheaper I'm stayin with my great grandma.. Yaa it's gnarly but that woman hates my hair! Lol always complaining about it.. It's great u have that mentality.. Only way u can stay positive goin thru all this. (and Jesus is real. He changed my life.)
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
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jesus dont gotta be real to change your life just by believing somethings real u do realize that every person in every religion says exactly the same thing dont u?now im more inclined to believe they are all right but then that kinda contradicts the whole one true belief ego trip thingyour statement would only be accurate if u said i believe jesus is real and I (not he) changed my life because of that beliefim not saying he was or wasnt realim not saying u should or shouldnt believbut lets be accurate and not just state myth as factthink about thisjesus suposedly did all these miracles and everythuingyet theres just 1 book about himdavid coperfield had more books written about himso has obama bush the dali lammna ghandy hitler and santa clause cuddlefishes cockroaches and dung beetles had more books written bout theyre daily livesso really what are u beloeving? what u read in a book 1 fact 1 book that contradicts about a million other booksmaybe u should read more booksthe origen of species maybebtw i asked some scientists this if the polar icecaps melted and every drop of water on earth in the air underground and everywhere somehow rained how much land would it cover ..and the resulting flood wouldnt be 1/1000th as bad as the bible described more then 90% of all lands over 100 feet above sea level many mountains are over a mile high..only people and animals whod die were the ones too stupid to move away from a river as the water rose..not trying to start a fight just saying u should specify "believe" cause u donert and cant know especialy with so much evidence against itits fine to believe and its great to change your life ..but u know lives get changed from eatting mushrooms too..but does that make the halucinations real?whats real to u might be real yo u but that doesnt mean its real in realityafter all santa was once real yo you too

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