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Making my dreads even more special

10 years ago
28 posts
Have any of you had your friends or family make one of your dreads?Im doing that Best friend is flying up from Australia soon and hes going to tnr a dread for meand my boyfriend is going to be doing one soon tooas well as my mom ...whenver her rotater cuff gets better =]its a neat thing to do i thinkand an easy way to get the back of your head done if you dont really want to do it yourself haha
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Jeffree Vega.
10 years ago
66 posts
My fiance did a couple of my dreads for me and they've actually turned out to be my favouritesIt's great when other people want to get involved rather than tell you you're 'crazy' or any other insults they can come up with
Jake Holland
10 years ago
203 posts
My mom tried doing a few of mine but she couldn't get the hang of the tnr
10 years ago
303 posts
I extended my dreads with my brothers old dreads on my first set
Gary Charlesworth
10 years ago
50 posts
I had my friend and his wife do my whole head. It's a good bonding experience.
Alex Angam
10 years ago
47 posts
I had a really good friend and his mom back comb mine for me, it felt good, and I thank them very much for there patience!
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