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Joe muir
10 years ago
75 posts
I laughed pretty hard. especially at the picture where the lady with the dread sticking up was scanning for food.I think its a complete joke article. the comments are funny and so is the article.
updated by @joe-muir: 07/23/15 05:01:07PM
Island Mamma
10 years ago
530 posts
All dreads require a lack of personal grooming , as in no brushing or coming or cutting, but they should be clean.If your dirty to begin with you'll be a dirty dread if your clean to begin with you'll be a clean dread.
10 years ago
203 posts
that was really annoying!! i do not approve. haha
10 years ago
275 posts
I like the comment made by one guy " you know, white men are the only group you're still allowed to make fun of and I can live with that" funny. But yeah a lot of the comments are very ignorant.
10 years ago
751 posts
Well that was a good laugh :)but yeah...ignorant comments will always be everywhere...
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