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begining a NEW dread journey

cassie gabriel
10 years ago
80 posts
i tried that, it didnt loosend em up a little but not enough to seperate soaringeagle said:
cant u seperate em if u use some olive oil on the connecting hairs? u might have to seperate alot but eventualy thee roots will straighten themselves out and the hairs broken between will form a new dread

updated by @cassie-gabriel: 07/13/15 07:51:44PM
cassie gabriel
10 years ago
80 posts
thank you! Paula said:
Well good luck on the new set :)
10 years ago
849 posts
wearing your hair up a lot can screw up the process, usually takes more like 4 or 5 months but everyone's hair is different. I would strongly suggest just leaving your hair alone for the second set. whatever you're able to save will likely be pretty damaged and trying to force them into dreads using an unnatural method will likely cause a lot more damage/breakage. It will probably lock up quickly on it's own though. maybe some T & R if you REALLY don't want to go natural, although I can't think of a reason not to :o) Good Luck and keep us posted. Many Blessings cassie gabriel said:
the complete under of my hair is all forming into one dread. i also wore them up alot so it all came together sorta. and my friend was playin with them and showed me what they looked like and i was like shit..but i got a reccomendation from someone whos friend had dreads for like 2-3 years so hopefully she can try and do them this time.

soaringeagle said:
tbey look good u look good id concider just treatting them right from here on out unless they really made a mess what was done that u regret sso much and maybe u should take at least 2 weeks to think about it
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