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Gaugin ears??

10 years ago
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Noticed there was quite a few ppl on here that have gauged their ears. I have been wanting to do a certain somethin n I need mine at like a 4.. Maybe 6.. What's the best n quickest way to go about this. Mines a normal size rite now. 18, maybe 16. Is there a kit with each size I can get or do I have to keep getting a new pair every few weeks or what? Thanks!
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
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week? u want to do it very very slowand u can get a progressive 1 in our shops that just change positiions and it gradualy gets thickerbut do niot try to rush it or u can lose an earlobetheres a bodyt mod group repost there closing it cause it belongs in a group not main forums

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