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How heavy are your locks?

10 years ago
17 posts
i was wondering if dreads become to heavy for your headand if they can cause migrans and stuff
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Heather Gamble
10 years ago
145 posts
thy arent any heavier than undreaded hair..which long hair bothers some people with migraines...however tightening at the roots i would think can aggravate migraines especially if you were aggressively maintaining them which is unnecessary
10 years ago
751 posts
Well I have had chronic migraines since I was a child, now that I have dreads I haven't noticed any change. Then again my dreads are pretty young and only shoulder length. I also have thin hair so they are very light.If you have thick hair, lots of it and your locs grow very long I can see that being a problem for some people. But I don't know for sure.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,447 posts
no headaches but if theyre tiesd up off center or off ballance and flopping around my neck gets stiffthe weight i never noticve at all tho unleess wet or tied up crookedif its all in a ball onbtop i can feell the weight when moving but i doubt the whole combined dry weights a pound or 2 if its all full of wax it can be very heavy (4 oz a week per 2 foot of hair (i think thats what we worked ot out to a jar a week) a pound a monthu can add 5-10 pounds of wax easily

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

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neil coe
10 years ago
361 posts
man alot of us get migraines, we should start a group or something lol
10 years ago
155 posts
Mine feel heavy sometimes especially when their wet, I don't usually get headaches from them tho. I get a sore neck sometimes tho from dancing/headbanging. I have a giant congo where my rat tail should be so, that probly contributes to the pain. I just get frequent neck masasages.
Mama Harrison
10 years ago
117 posts
Those suffering from migraines should really seek a professional or licensed massage therapist who specializes in the treatment of migraines. I am an LMT and migraines are my specialty and I have countless patients who have come to me after exhausting all other avenues and battling these migraines for years. It may not make them 'go away' without returning, but it is an effective tool for managing your pain--very effective.I hate to hear of people just living with pain.
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