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Any tips?

10 years ago
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re-twisting WILL cause breakage eventually also!
updated by @naturalwomyn: 07/10/15 03:41:03AM
10 years ago
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Im not a man. Shiva'sMattedLocks said:
Funny how "uniform" dreads meant "professional look" for you but you seem totally fine with not washing your hair for 1 MONTH!! Doesnt that contradict the whole professional or even civilized look??
Brother, you need to find out what was in that locking gel..I dnt care how organic she said it so...I dont care if it was made from the navel lint of mother earth herself..find out wats in it and wash it got such nice texture for dreads that you could have had it for free...
Wash them..separate them...forget about them...

10 years ago
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Yea MJ...sorry about that...not really good with recognizing gender by looking at scalp..;)
Jack Roth
10 years ago
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Dude ( i know ure a girl i call everyone dude) not washing ure hair is grosssssss! African textured hair dreads MUCH faster than white boy hair and we all washed ours the same week we got dreads, dreads are a personal thing, i feel that i know each one of my dreads very personally and thats cause i have lookd after them myself. U dont need to go to a salon, just sit back relax and watch it happen :)
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