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My Fiance Is Leaving Me...

10 years ago
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I agree with you there. I've always been myself in the relationship even when I try to play to be strong, I can't lie about who I am or my feelings. The best that I can come up with is that I love her and no matter what that is not gonna change. Sister Rags said:
Hey there Grey, I'm in a hurry but just wanted to throw in (yet another) comment.

Again, NO disrespect to anyone or to anyone's personal experiences, because they are ALL valid. I just want to say that "playing" anything (hard to get, or whatever else) is not the way to have a real, lasting relationship with anyone. Be genuine at all times, ask God for help and guidance at all times...your higher self will tell you, without exception, that you were created as an individual and there is never any reason to be anyone but who you are and to act accordingly. If you feel in love, my friend, be IN LOVE! The truth is, if the lady you love is a true person she will take your example of sincerity and be genuine, too. And maybe that won;t happen this minute, but maybe she will learn from you.

Whatever we do, we are, at all times , teaching others. And the question comes down to being pretty simple: Are we teaching truth or are we teaching lies?

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