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Thread in dreads = death :(

Garrett Sale
10 years ago
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So i planned to spend the day removing all the thread in my dreads but when i started i noticed red bumps and huge globbs of dandruff on my scalp....long story short i went to the clinic and learned that i had contracted scabbies during my time in haiti. So instead of rescuing my dreads i spent all day removing them and applying the damn medicine. I cut them in half and conditioned them out :( you should see the looks of my scalp...On a lighter note i still have about 6 inches of hair and as soon as my head is healthy i plan to start the natural process of acquiring locks....and i sure as hell wont touch a damn crochet hook again
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,444 posts
scabies or lice? why didnt you post 1st you know there are all natural remedies that can get rid of them without losing your dreadsalcahol and neem seed oil being 2but theres more

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
10 years ago
569 posts
Man, first one members get lice and the other gets scabbies. What is next?
Island Mamma
10 years ago
530 posts
Ekkk she sure as hell cost ya a lot more than 20 bucks!
Panterra Caraway
10 years ago
667 posts
Wow! That is aweful. But my question is the same as SE....scabies or lice? Scabies are body lice that do not go above the neck...lice is on your head. Eithier way, be aware that your animals can be infected too as well as your furniture and other furnishings. Unfortunately, you can treat yourself with the medicine but if you do not clean everything else you will get reinfested and have to go through that aweful medicine all over again! Vaccum everything you can...including your mattress and couches, etc. Wash all bedding and clothing in as hot of water as you can without damaging the items. Get a new pillow if you can and anything that you can not wash seal in a plastic bag closed with tape for 2 weeks. It is a real hassle but you will save yourself alot of suffering if you do all this the first time. By law, a doc can only prescribe the medicine a couple of times because it is very toxic and you need to kill this out the first time if you are being subjected to this toxic substance. Also, I don't know if they told you...even tho you kill the lice or scabies you will feel itchy and uncomfortable for awhile because the irritation comes from the fecal waste that the bugs leave behind. Take good care of yourself...I wish you well :)
10 years ago
153 posts
Crabs. D:

GreyGargoyle said:
Man, first one members get lice and the other gets scabbies. What is next?
10 years ago
844 posts
O_o at crabs (lol)but damn man, sorry to hear that.
10 years ago
751 posts
Wow I feel for you :(...but might as well move forward right?
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