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Being laid off never felt so good!

10 years ago
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So the crazy bitch that cut my hours on Friday the 9th telling me I was only gonna work Tuedays and Thursdays starting this week. Well Tuesday I go in I am doing my thing. She comes in and while I am pulling charts for the day and my back is turned to her she tells me she is "letting me go, it's just not working out and she can't afford me" I am like... okay... put down what I am doing and get to packing up my stuff which she acts like I am gonna steal stuff cuz she stands there watching.But now I am FREE! OMG it feels so good to never have to go back and deal with that dumb bitch. She laid me off so I can get unemployment if I don't get the job I am interviewing for next week. At first I thought great what else could go wrong in my life right now. I lose my roommate, then get my hours cut and have to find a new roomie and then get laid off... what else please? Well I have found a new roomie despite a couple snags making me think it wasn't gonna work out, he has been approved to be on the lease, I don't have to work for that terrible woman and I can focus on what I am gonna do with my life and start fresh. I even have an animal back in my life cuz the new roomie has a cat. He is super sweet. I am allergic to cats but so far we have been good and I have had no problems. ;) I miss having a pet since my puppies passed last year.My fingers are crossed that things keep looking upOn a total side note anyone have any home remedies for allergies. Help build my immune system to cat allergies maybe?
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
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thats great no more soap opera drama :)iz in the future.. i made a group just for this type stuff.. keeping it freindly just the place for i need a freind or hey freinds guess whats going on now type stuff like this (or blogs are fine too)just for future refference ok?

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10 years ago
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I guess I don't know a method other then just slowly getting use to them over time, but I'm happy to hear that things do kind of seem to be going better, even if you did lose you job.And I know exactly how you feel. I had a job at a dog daycare and boarding home right?I loved working with the dogs, but my boss, and practically everyone but 4 people that I worked with were total assholes. It turns out that me and the one girl that was left that I really got along with, the other one quit because she got a way better paying job doing the same thing (my boss was stingy), well we both get fire right?I had never felt such a great lift off my shoulders, to never have to deal with their bitch asses again =Dso congrats! And I feel things will keep looking up =]
Heather Gamble
10 years ago
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im violently allergic to cats....yet we have a cat (who is really the bane of my existence) any way ive found just being exposed to the cat helps eventually i mean i still cant touch him without gettin g a horrible rash but we can live together and he can sit here behind me and annoy the crap outta me without my eyeballs swelling shut...
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