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Plans are being thwarted =[

10 years ago
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You won't have dreads overnite no matter how bad you want to, if you're not ready to deal with some messy hair days it could be you're not quite ready for dreads. swimming is actually great for forming dreads.I don't know how you started yours but i'm assuming back combing? a LOT of people get discouraged with that method because it does tend to come undone sometimes. Also there's no such thing as "perfect" dreads. Once you stop idealizing them you'll be much happier! Many Blessings
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Good Energy
10 years ago
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If you decide to go to a salon, let me tell ya that that is a commitment too! You have to go back on a regular basis to get them "done" or tighten constantly. Patience is the only thing you need to grow dreads. seriously it'll take awhile but it's sooooooooooo worth it in the end!
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