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Reasons for starting your dreadlocks?

10 years ago
95 posts
Juss curious, why'd you guys decide to grow dreads? special reasons..personal..spiritual..what?I drew alot of inspiration from Bob Marley because his music gave me alot of inspiration and mine are also sorta my way of expressing spirtual growth an maturity but in an outward form. all the crazyiness my hair goes thru till they lock represent how my life was a mess, then with faith it'll all come together, as my dreads come together and grow, ill continue to grow spiritually. Also symbolicly "locking up" my past.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,443 posts
1st time all those reasons u stated this time cause i had to to regain what i was just starting to gain the 1st time

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
Seagram Kern
10 years ago
6 posts
I have always wanted dreads since i was middle school. When I did finally started them I told myself I'd be different "better" if you will. So I made changes. I let go of some things and people holding me back. I became focused on my goals and dreams. I have made big change in my life and I believe my dreads to represent that change. As I grow my locks grow. I have more growing and I know my dreads will represent the new growth. I feel I'm on the right path. It's not about the outcome for me, but the it's the journey. Progress not perfection.
10 years ago
5 posts
I've always hated my hair. I also got sick of chemical processes used to make my hair look "acceptable". Then i started to get extensions in fun bright colors, i did that for 5 years thinking my hair would grow. My hair never grew past my shoulders and i believe this was due to all the previous years of damage. I've always thought dreads were beautiful and decided to give it a go. Since starting my dreads i have never felt more comfortable with my hair .. or myself for that matter.Plus the maintenance ( or lack thereof) fits my lifestyle perfectly.
10 years ago
203 posts
I always loved dreads and really respected people with them, but never really thought it was something i could do myself. Then i went on a trip to germany and saw a ton of people with dreads there and half jokingly promised my friends i would dread when we got home. Much to their suprise i actually did haha. I wanted to stop living my life for other people and being self conscious, and i love the low maintenance of course!
10 years ago
9 posts
I had hair down to my bum and got sick of brushing it. I love not having to do anything to my hair.
Morgie Corgi
10 years ago
1 posts
Hair has always been a big thing with me. I have thick, wavy Hispanic hair. When I left my eh-husband, it was down to my bum. I had it all chopped off into a super-short faux hawk.Since finding out I was pregnant back in February of this year, I decided to let it grow out again. Dreads seemed like the most logical thing for me, but I had to go through lots of mental prep. I have also been struggling with spiritual things, and my past faith required hair being covered. Now that it is uncovered most of the time, I want it to be something beautiful.That and I think its cool that my dreads will grow along with my son. ^_^(Sorry that was such a mouthful! I'm kinda long-winded that way.)
10 years ago
165 posts
I'd wanted locs for quite a while, but had never done it because I was in high school, I was under 18, I lived under my parents roof, so I know they could make me get rid of them.I would always look up pictures of how I wanted my locs to look (because I really thought you could "make" dreads)The only method I knew of that I though could work on my hair was backcomb. And thanks to Johnny Clean, I thought I needed to buy this wax, special products, and on top of it get them done at a salon, and I just never had the money to spare, so it never happened.One weekend I was home-ridden trying to stop mono before it started, and I decided to go dread-searching on the internet.I found this site looking through pictures, looked around at a lot of the info, and found a method that just spoke to me: TnRSo being at the age 19, and feeling that it was the perfect time to do them, I did them!I'd always loved the earthy look of them, but never knew how much they would change me.They mean: Strength, Love, Devotion, Patience, and Not caring what others think about you.About looking beyond the surface, and accepting what is merely natural to be the most beautiful.
Emily Smith
10 years ago
31 posts
I never really considered having dreads until about 3 or so years ago. It was actually when I met a girl named kayla that I thought about it. She had the most amazing and beautiful set of locks and I absolutely fell in love with them. After meeting her and talking to her about her story I started to research how to start them and whatnot. I started a set once before and combed them out immediately because I knew it just wasn't my time to have them. Finally, a few weeks ago I reached the point in my life where I decided I wanted them and stopped brushing. I loved my hair the way it was, but I needed change. I love the low maintenance aspect of it, but mostly I am doing it because I love how beautiful and individual each dread is. It amazes me how your hair can almost act as a separate entity. They change and each one has it's own personality. I also decided to because my hair seemed to want to on it's own despite conditioning and brushing. I would wake up almost every morning with a huge ratty clump of knotted hair on my head. My boyfriend even commented on how my hair seemed to looooove knotting.I am so excited to continue my journey and see what sort of mischief my hair decides to get into.
10 years ago
70 posts
To be honest, I really don't know what has struck a chord in me with dreadlocks? Maybe it was seeing Predator for the first time as a kid. Might have been the first time I saw a guy with them and thought "cool, he has a different style to everyone else I've seen in my life up to this point". I do know though that I had wanted to dread my hair from my mid teens. So used to toeing the line and putting on a behaved front, the furthest I went was growing it long, shaving it bald then growing it long again. After having an emotional and spiritual rollercoaster ride over the last few years I have found the things that truly give me solace are not material. Being strong enough to have faith that my family and friends will accept me exactly as I am. I had finally started getting tattoos, it raised some eyebrows but I was not blacklisted! Then more dark clouds presented themselves (I'm being dramatic! It's just the dissolution of a relationship I believed to be stronger than it really was...) and I found myself reverting to being my true self regardless of the opinion of anyone else. Through dreadlocks I have found the real friends who do not judge. Sure I may get a few cheeky comments here and there but as a whole I feel very accepted and blessed. I have not been happier with my appearance my whole life. As petty as it sounds to concern one's self with appearance, I truly feel like I am finally in my own skin!Thank you knotted up hair, you are one of my saviors!:D
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