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how people percieve someone with dreads

10 years ago
8 posts
thats true none can be pleased just like our stomach no matter wat u eat u will always feel hungry the next day. benjah said:
yep. if you love em thats all that matters.

"you can please some people some of the time but you cant please all the people all the time."

We love em too!
10 years ago
8 posts
@iain, i was told the same thing especially in the beggining when they were not together. then some others willsay u dont match with ur proffession, am a medical doctor and i will just tell them its my brain get to work and not my appearance. few seniors have them so that support me indirectly Iain said:
been awhile since I've heard anything disrespectful said to me, the last years its been alot of questions, some people ask why I have them If i can't wash them at which point I immediately tell them they are misinformed and if I couldn't wash my hair you would have been able to smell me a mile away since I've had them for a good awhile now.
10 years ago
78 posts
I got my dreads because I had a prejudice against white people with wasnt something I had 'on purpose' but had seeped into my conciousness over time...I know lots of people with dreads and had never thought of their dreads at all :) but there was a part of me that was i gots my dreads to get over that prejudice.When I was googling dreads (and eventually found this wonderful forum that saved me from the maintenance malarky) I found a few posts by people who really hated dreads especially white people with dreads. but mostly these are people who are angry and hateful at anything.Since I got my dreads Ive had mostly compliments :)
Jake Holland
10 years ago
203 posts
Nothing negative so far, I have had more comments and praise from the the African Americans around where I live. I thought it would be different after reading some posts similiar to this. I get that "look" every now and then but I just smile back and no one has said anything rude directly towards me yet.
10 years ago
390 posts
*Quoting because this is the same thing I am experiencing also* Lisa McRae said:
Disrespect is rare.
10 years ago
155 posts
This is what alot of snobby rich people think about dreadlocks where I live.They think ppl with dreads are dirty, because they think that you cant wash dreads. They also think that dreadheads are druggies, but I just smile and kill them with kindness. Some girls I meet love my dreads, and some think there gross, even tho they are clean as hell. Thats just the way life is, you can't please everyone.
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