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before and after dreadlocks pictures comparing dreads no dreads

Trina Sandress
6 years ago
87 posts
Thank you! I shaved it all off because I had put too many chemicals on my hair and it was so badly damaged. I knew that I wanted it to dread so I just left it alone and lo and behold 13yrs with locks and my hair is the healthiest it has ever been!!!

momma has dreads said:

WoW!! They look wonderful!! You look very nice bald too. My daughter shaved her head once too, she was also able to pull it off...look nice.


updated by @trina-sandress: 07/23/15 07:36:33PM
6 years ago
283 posts
Idk why they came out backwards O___O
1st picture was taken today. They are almost 1 month old, but I've been going natural for 4 months. :)
2nd photo is me in the summer with Jacob, better known as the Frontman for Soldiers of Jah Army. (sorry for the weird face wasn't ready for the photo xD Some novice didn't know how to use my Rebel XS canon ON AUTO!! ugh)
3rd photo is from like.........exactly a year ago.

updated by @aaronthelegend: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
6 years ago
13 posts

i found a few pics of me before i started my dreads, so might as well post them...

june 17 2007 - 5 months in to growing my hair out

july 17 2009 - third month in

march 29 2010 - two months short of a year

January 11 2011 - one year 8 months

6 years ago
13 posts
thanks :P kinda weird seeing how much hair i've grown since 2007....

Suzanne Beattie said:

Shadow you're dreads are awesome :)Also, you win best before picture!

I love this thread

sourabh thakur
6 years ago
83 posts

updated by @sourabh-thakur: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
6 years ago
33 posts

Thought I'd revive the thread :)

First is before I got them (3years ago) I agreed with my mum I'd let her see me graduate with "normal" hair.

Then a week or two after I got them (backcombed), after 1 year and just before christmas :)

I tend to forget how far they stick out when up!

updated by @cathy: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
Marcus Acosta
6 years ago
53 posts
Great photos everyone! I don't have locks yet since I'm only a month and a half into neglect with approx 4 inches of hair but I will post when I do! SE, did you ever get your hands on your before picture? I would love to see it! -Marcus
6 years ago
49 posts
wow they were all so interesting to view great thread, every person in the after shot looks a much happier individual as well....awesome!
Cono D'Alto
6 years ago
2 posts

Most recent picture of myself with somewhat shaggy length hair pre-dreading, and one now that I've started (3 weeks old give or take a few days)

updated by @cono-dalto: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
Josh Barrett
6 years ago
4 posts
Is my side hair too short to dread??? any opinions on how much longer i should grow my hair out?
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