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dread products ..home made vs store bought

10 years ago
7 posts
Ia locs are homemade, me ONLY USE the Dr.'s stuff, no store loc for InI!!! Imon dig any lock or home, all are beautiful, in dare own way, much lov and respect, Jah blessPS: all dat really matters is dat you decided to dedicate yer life to locs, da way yer hair is ment to be, InI dont know about you, but dis is da way dat Imon see Iself in da meior, and i were dem proud so everyone can see I on da inside da way i see Iself, you know!!
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green bean
10 years ago
57 posts
i use dr bronners lavender. for a nice size bottle its only like 11 dollars or something. it last forever and smells wonderful =]
10 years ago
155 posts
I've used Dr bronners tea tree, and hemp oil, also the peppermint, baking soda, ACV and I used Head and shoulders once.
Buffalo Rogers
10 years ago
46 posts
I use dr. Bronners too, uncented. I get it in them bars though cause it lasts a lot longer for me and it's much more inexpensive, which is nice cause I don't got a lot of money to spend. I've had the same bar for goin on 4 months now
ɥɐɾʞǝqsɐɹ redeyedreadi
10 years ago
29 posts
Yes I. I only use homemade products now, besides my dr. bronner's and uncle harry's every once in a while. baking soda with oils is essential, in my home. The intense clean you get from that is incomparable.
Cassie Sattler
10 years ago
42 posts
i just dreaded my hair about a week ago and love dr. bronners! but i was wondering if it would be beneficial to add baking soda to the diluted solution by chance...
10 years ago
4 posts
I have used the Knotty boy shampoo both liquid and bar. I think the bar is fantastic and just out of curiosity I tried Abeni's and fell in love with it, for some strange reason it seem to soften my dreads which I like. I haven't tried the baking soda rinse but it sounds like something I could do on my next wash day.
10 years ago
64 posts
I'm on my 3rd week wit new dreads. If I wanted to add some goodies to my baking soda mix which ones and how much?
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,444 posts
well additives are for treatment of conditions dry itchy scalp (teatree rosemary maybe pepernmint or even almond) oiliness (thyme) mustiness (lavander) dryness (jojoba or yling ylang) theres more but those are basicsoh and few drops or so experiment but u dont need alot

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

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10 years ago
64 posts
I have oily hair so using thyme oil would help it get not so oily in. Couple days and kind give it some more dreadage lol
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