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Cody's twist and rip timeline

Cody Pitt
6 years ago
105 posts

Thanks a lot Kayla!! I'm happy my dread journey gives you hope. I hope you have a great journey as I have had! :)

Kayla Marie said:

I am currently doin twist and rip as well.. One of em is a little over a week and I just did quite a few more today. Your dreads look amazing! Gives me hope for the future :) im too excited

updated by @cody-pitt: 07/10/15 10:07:22PM
James Turk
6 years ago
107 posts

Awesome timeline! you've got some bad ass dreads there.

Cody Pitt
6 years ago
105 posts


James Turk said:

Awesome timeline! you've got some bad ass dreads there.

Ivan Slay
6 years ago
15 posts

Realy cool progress man

6 years ago
16 posts

Oh wow, your dreads look incredible!!

Diego F.
6 years ago
73 posts

Really amazing... I'm on the third month of my NEGLECT journey, but i'm considering tnr'ing some natural sections on the back of my head... Just because they clump together no matter how often i separate

Ethon O'Brien
6 years ago
40 posts

very awesome man. theyve gotten better in nearly another year from the last ones. just finishin out my ninth month. lovin em. there's this one on the top right that im waitin on to thicken though. but i can tell based on how the other thick ones are in comparison to their roots. its gonna be pretty fat haha. cant wait. yours always give me hope for the future of mine man.

Ahil Ganesan
6 years ago
53 posts
Looking amazing bro, dread success story!!!
Cody Pitt
6 years ago
105 posts

Thanks everyone! Happy my journey has given some of you hope! :) May take some more pics here soon. I think I am over my 2 and a half yr now.

Liam Bell
5 years ago
4 posts

Pretty darn amazing :D

Just out of consideration..Was you hair pretty thin to begin with, before you dreaded?

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