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Cody's twist and rip timeline

5 years ago
95 posts

Nice! I love how the lightened up. Did you use anything to lighten them or just being out in the sun? They look great! Take care!

updated by @amethyst777: 07/13/15 01:04:59PM
kendall caponetto
5 years ago
7 posts
Did you use tnr to start and then let them go all natural? Your dreads are beautiful! ! Much love :)
Kyree Whitfield
5 years ago
10 posts

wow man they are really great!

5 years ago
92 posts

those are some dope ass dreadlocks bro! Props!

5 years ago
20 posts

kick ass dreads!

jesse demato
5 years ago
24 posts
super fresh. #motivation
Brianna Elizabeth
5 years ago
19 posts
awesome progress!!
Ethon O'Brien
5 years ago
40 posts

beautiful man. they get better every time i see them

5 years ago
30 posts
How did they thicken like that? It looks like you have little to no shrinkage. Super awesome progress though! I hope mine stay long like that :)
5 years ago
4 posts

When I need dread motivation I always come back to your timeline. Sickest locks on this site man, love it!!!

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