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New dreadhead

4 years ago
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I get all that spiritual stuff and stuff, I just don't see why the animosity between between people who don't do things the way you believe it should be done?

Free form or crochet, they're dreads. Everyone has different hair types so they're going to look different dependant on the person regardless of how their dreads are formed. Like I said the end result is the same,sectioned,rope-like hair.

It's not about "respecting real dreads" though is it. There's people out there who can't grow much hair be it genetic or after treatment so it gives them an option if they wanted it.
4 years ago
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NO ANIMOSITY!!!! Disclaimer lol this popped into my head and it made me chuckle....

Crocheted dreads are like Chinese foot binding. Still a foot, just not quite right...

Lmao sorry I know that’ll probably not be taken as humorously as I found it but hey it’s all good! Hair doesn’t stop carrying it energy even agter being broken/cut/ whatever. That energy carries!! Why people used to give locks of hair to their loved ones, to literally send their energy and essence with them!
4 years ago
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Holy cow! As I was reading your post, I was ready to see pictures that looked super sad and messed up.  But they do look good! Especially for how you did them/how quickly you achieved the "look."

People grow dreads for all types of reasons, absolutely, and if you just dig the look then there isn't anything wrong with that!  That being said, if I were you, I wouldn't do any more "maintenance," at least for a while.  It really does more harm than good, even if you're just messing about.  I used to fiddle obsessively with my dreads because they felt cool and I was also afraid that if I didn't separate them constantly, they'd turn into something I wouldn't like.  Oddly enough, once I stopped bugging them, they began to tidy themselves up and grow much nicer.  I still fiddle with them, but I don't try to "force" them to do anything.  (I definitely need to update my pictues :P)

Now that you've got a nice base for a style that you like, I think you should just let them be.  They look spaced out really well, so it looks like once they begin to loosen up and truly "dread" up, they'll mature at decent sizes and in a nice "pattern" or whatever you want to call it.

Dreads DO form their size and shape partially by holding in hair that would normally fall from your head or get brushed out, so messing about with them too much can easily pull out clumps or hairs that you wished would stay in.  Breaking hairs/losing hairs/thinning will easily happen if you force them too much with maintenance or the hook.  So let those babies freee!

I think they're going to look pretty great if you let em loosen up and mature naturally.



4 years ago
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You must also realize, the home page of this website promotes healthy lock growing methods. Expect a fight from soaring eagle if you come in here promoting the use of hooks on your locks. He defends his point of view. What you do with the advice is completly up to you.
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