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Strange 'residue' on my scalp

Holly Doran
4 weeks ago
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I have had dreads for a while now, long enough for my scalp to acclimatise, but I am still getting a kind of residue building up on my scalp when I leave it more than 3 days to wash my hair, I think it is just my scalp skin cells with natural sebum but when I scratch my head it comes off quite thickly under my nails - kinda ewy. I do a lot of sport so I suppose it gets quite hot up there a lot. I don't think this residue is visible until I physically scratch it off, but I want to know if this is normal, and if possible how I can prevent it? My worry is that on thicker dreads it will be getting into the middle of the dread and if I don't wash my hair so thoroughly by accident it might be doing something nasty in there. 

Any help would be FAB ⭐️

- I have caucasian, very thick, straight, long hair naturally

- I have never used wax or any other type product

- I spray diluted tea tree oil in my hair maybe once or twice a week on my scalp, and occasionally rosemary oil too.

4 weeks ago
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What you describe sounds very normal to me. I think you are right that it is dead skin from your scalp. If you do a lot of sport, your head gets hot and sweaty and while doing sport the blood flow is pretty hight underneath your scalp. Maybe that causes more dead skin is coming off your scalp or just quicker than without sport? You could try to wash right after sport or do a cold water rinse right after to get the sweat off your head and cool down your scalp. I do sport too and i know what you are talking about. I think it can get itchy because of the remaining sweat on the scalp after a workout.

I do wash my hair once or twice a week, but take a cold rinse inbetween washes when i feel the need for it. It closes the pores of the skin and the hair get less oily than without it. Maybe just give it a try?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 weeks ago
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it might also be sebum mixed in  

but yea its kinda normal, are you washing with something good

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