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Should I stick with my neglect method or switch to crochet?

11 months ago
1 posts

I have started neglect dreads, I have had them for 3 months now, so they are fairly new, some of the dreads I love the way they look, but some of them I don't, like they look messy. I'm stuck between crocheting some of theĀ ones I don't like (not all) so they can look neater. But a part of me wants to stick to the neglect phase. What are your opinions? and btw how do they look?

20170712_195055.jpg  •  2.8MB

20170712_194901.jpg  •  1.4MB

20170703_204826.jpg  •  3.1MB

updated by @brucewaynebanner: 02/03/18 11:05:53PM
11 months ago
44 posts
Your locks are looking beautiful. I used a crochet hook for a few days until I broke it at about 6 months. It helped, a bit. I was afraid I would damage them so I'm glad it broke. What I can recommend is getting locking gel from that will help shape them and hold the shape when you palm roll. Also you can use beads and wraps to help shape some of the bumps and loops
11 months ago
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Your hair is gorgeous, don't ruin it with a crochet hook.

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