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last year
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wow, nice! good luck with separating! haha nah, but you'll have a great set, I'm sure! :)

last year
42 posts

Good luck with you journey! I bet they will shrink a lot! Then the growth will begin. My hair shrunk a ton in the first year to year and a half.

11 months ago
1 posts

Wow, your hair is amazing! I'm also 10 weeks in and 

mine look no where near as great! 

8 months ago
42 posts

They are looking awesome!

8 months ago
74 posts

really nice!

3 months ago
25 posts

What? 20min? How do you do it? last time it took me almost a whole Saturday to separate X) 

do you separate after every shower? I only do it once in a while maybe that's why. i just feel like separating too much slows down the process

correct me if i'm wrong cuz your locks look mighty fine in your 9 months pics!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 months ago
28,329 posts

separating too much will slow progress but if it takes a whole afternoon you absolutely are not separating enough!

weekly is a decent norm for most though some need it more some less

it should not take long nor be hard

in fact

it shouldn't have to take up any time at all just when you foind a dread needing separating separate it, you can do this while doing anything else at all studying watching tv driving cooking you name it   .5 seconds and that dreads separated..done

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