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I need your advice!

4 years ago
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I have enormous lumps in my dreadlings. I know that this is natural for them to start this way. HOWEVER, I placed beads over the giant lumps to help encourage knotting. Is this okay? What if it dreads around the bead? It's from a bag (inexpensive) of beans I bought from a local sewing store, it appears to be wooden to some degree. advice needed!

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4 years ago
836 posts

I have a pewter bead stuck in a dread. The hair shrunk tight and fat around it. You can see it. It is just that the hair dreaded above and below so the bead does not move. So yes it is possible. If it worries you then take the bead out every few days or move it along the length of the dread.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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it might gert stuck permenently tho wood can be broken off if need be

post pics are they loops or lumps u can just leave em be

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