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Dreadlocks Forums locking up shampoo?

arran craig
4 years ago
7 posts

This site seems to love buck country or county shampoos and i have some right now because of that reason. after washing though my hair is kinda stiff maybe because its separating and has some knots but i was wondering if this happens to anyone else after washing with the locking up liquid shampoo and if they have a reason why.

P.s. On another note is riding in the back of a truck coin 35-65 mph good for new dreads just starting to form or is it blowing them apart?

I thought since there soo young that it might be tearing them apart whiling fighting and creating new knots? sounds good right? any one have a more confident answer?

OH! I am on the natural path to dreadieness just for some extra info and have maybe medium thick curly hair pretty unique check out my one pic i have so far might have 2 after this post.

updated by @arran-craig: 01/13/15 10:05:29PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,514 posts

the shampoo has sea salt wich dries the hair so it dreads faster thats ba tricky thing u see same as toiwel drtying or finger twidling or high pressure water it could tangle it alot or could untangle it alot i think if its blowing all around it will be tangling up if its blowing straight back it will be untangling but thats a

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My dreads are over 9 feet long

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arran craig
4 years ago
7 posts

thanks lol yeah i try to sit facing different directions to help but i thin your right gonna get a tam i was reading your post about wool tams and you sure no other material like acrylic will work like wool? oh and that makes sense i forgot about the sea salt in the shampoo duh! lol i been trying to make the beach daily if not i spay my head with the chemists mix i got on that on thread you also lead me too lol or i just letem go for the day and cool man thx!

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