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4 years ago
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Hi all, Eric here. I've been on here for a few weeks now, around the same time I decided to let my hair grow into dreads. I think it's actually the other way around though. I've thought about getting dreads here and there for maybe ten years but I haven't had really long hair til now. I haven't really been combing it, except like a couple swipes on the top of my head, and I let the rest go. Recently I made the switch from shampoo to BS/ACV and around that time, even before, I noticed my hair started sectioning. It made me think of dreads and one day a few weeks ago I made the decision to just let my hair do its thing and start locking. So I think it was actually my hair that decided to dread rather than me. :) Now must be the time!

I posted a couple photos last week of how my hair looked when it was just starting to section. Now I'm somewhere between week 2 and 3 and I think some baby dreads are starting to form. I've seen loops come and go but quite a few sections are starting to take shape. Most of the top of my head hasn't sectioned yet but I have like 6-8 forming on each side on the lower half of my hair. I can take some photos if anyone wants to see how it is now.

I love this site and I'm glad I found it before I got sucked into the propaganda of DHHQ, but honestly I think I would've just let my hair go anyway. The thought of spending $100 on some "elite kit" seems counter to the whole idea of dreadlocks. I think the only things I'll ever use is shampoo from and a sea salt spray, but for now and probably for a few years I'll just stick with BS/ACV unless I start to get problems.

I'm pretty shy and can be self-conscious and tend to care what others think more than I should. That has started to shift but I expect this journey to be an amazing one that will teach me many things as my dreads and I grow together. Thank you, Soaring Eagle, for this site and your wisdom and knowledge, and everyone else here too!

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4 years ago
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Eric, you have a wonderful journey ahead :)

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