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Mercedes Young
4 years ago
6 posts


I've been reading this forum pretty obsessively for the past 2 days so figure i may as well join. I've been interested in dreading for as long as i can remember but usually only vaguely. I'm a pretty big girl so I've always thought that dreads wouldn't suit me. I kept telling myself maybe when i'm thinner/have a career/know what i want to do - then i can .

i'm 26 years old and finally realizing that i don't have to have everything figured out and i can do what i want right now. plus, i'm fortunate to work nights at a restaurant so no one gives two craps about how i look as long as i'm in uniform and my hair is back.

i love animals and i love helping people. I have a lot of pets and a very tiny apartment.

i think the only thing i'm nervous about is the first month when it's super messy. mainly for work and people assuming i'm just not brushing my hair to be gross. but super excited for this journey at the same time.

updated by @mercedes-young: 01/13/15 10:05:13PM
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