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Has anyone tried this?

4 years ago
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I just recently started taking biotin again after shaving my dreads of in April to find a job to no success. Came across this shampoo and thought maybe combining it with taking the capsule will help my hair grow faster. Idk if it will or not so it's gonna be an expirement. Just wondering if anyone used this shampoo and if so did u see results? It will not leave me upload a pic. It is called Thick & Full biotin & collagen shampoo in a purple btl from CVS.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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never triesd any but ive heard biotin shampoos do help

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Quinci Jones
4 years ago
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I just started taking biotin. I've heard it makes your nails and hair grow faster ..but we will see
4 years ago
324 posts
I know first hand that taking the capsules make ur nails grow faster but never took notice if it helped speed up hair growth since I had dreads last time I took them and they were always shrinking so I couldn't tell.
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