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My hair doesn't dread!

3 years ago
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Hi all of you beautiful deadheads! :)

I've got a problem. I've had dreads before, crochet hooked, badly sectioned, mistreated and all that you don't want:) So I took them out to start over again, all natural this time. I had normal hair for some months, and it's been in a surprisingly good condition. Soft, smooth and strong.

Maybe a month ago I felt ready to start again. I tried washing first with baking soda-apple cider vinegar, but I didn't get it at all. My scalp really didn't feel clean, I thought 'never again' and bought a bottle of Dr Bronners (we've got soft water here). Which only made my scalp dry, itchy and flaky. But no sign of dreads. So I thought I'd try the best, and ordered some Locking up Shampoo from Dreadlockshampoo, and well, it works like Shampoo. My hair gets clean. But still soft, smooth and silky. And no baby dreads whatsoever. I've waited for weeks now, I even made some Himalaya sea salt spray but it made no real difference.

Starting to feel a bit desperate now. What if I've got some sort of super strong, super smooth hair that will never dread in a natural way? People who didn't want dreads would have loved it, lol. But I miss my dreads, even though they were crappy. And really want to have dreads, a piece of me is missing without them..

Maybe I need to start them somehow, even though I'd rather not. What's the kindest way, twist n rip? Or which washing method gives the most friction between the hairs? Or could I put something in that gives A LOT of friction, without residue? Like sea salt but worse? :)

Or have I seriously misunderstood everything? Isn't it just to stop using shampoo with residue and conditioning, keep hair clean and leave it alone? What have I missed? Please.

Love and blessings


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
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how are u washing with it techniquewise how are you drying how are u wearing it each day down and loose or what

a months not alotta time though yes many see dreads in weeks more then youd expect but not 1/2 see dreads in a month ixchels dreads are so amazing and tho it was inmthe most gorgouse sections for 7 months it didnt get its 1st knots tuiill month 8 then went beautifully wild and dreaded right up some are slower then mothers some too fast to control

u may find slowers more relaxed and better experience as iu dont need to seperate everyday are u seeing sectioning now at all?

just because it hasnt dreaded in a few weeks dont assume it wonjt in a few more 1 day u will find your 1sat when u least eaxpect it

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3 years ago
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all hair will dread naturally given the proper conditions & enough time. i think you need more time. mine took months before a knot formed, some do but it's more rare. trust that it'll happen, forget about your hair & your want of dreads & just let it go. keep it washed & wait. it'll come when you least expect it & surprise you & it'll be amazing.

3 years ago
3 posts

Oh, really? :) Thanks, both of you. If I know I'm on the right way I can wait :)

I wash it like just rubbing around in my scalp with shampoo (using the liquid one from Dreadlocks Shampoo at the moment), leaving the lengths alone as much as possible, only letting shampoo rinse over it. Drying it in a tower wired on top of my head for a while, and then just leaving it to dry in the air. That will become harder when the winter comes though.

Is it better to wash with baking soda? I've read all I can about that washing method but I just don't get it.. Can't make it feel clean at all..

How I wear it during the day might be a problem. I'm trying to wear it down as much as possible in my freetime. But I'm studying medicine and spending all days at the hospital, where you're not allowed to wear long hair loose due to hygiene regulations. And also I'm very active and when I exercise my hair is all over the place.. I'm trying to keep it out of the way as gentle as possible, sometimes just wish a broad headband or scarf around my head with all hair loose inside it. And when I really need to get it away I put it up with a soft hairband in a loose untidy kind of bun thingy on top of my head. Any suggestions what the kindest way to keep hair away and make it look tidy? :)

I wanted to see Ixchels dreads but couldn't find any photos.. :( Not used to this site yet..

And no, I see no sectioning at all. Yet:)

Thanks again guys!

mary jo bayliss
3 years ago
5 posts
Hi Emilie! I can sympathize :-) I committed to locks mid-May. It took 6 weeks for them to start knotting up, even. It'll happen :-) Maybe try washing your hair more frequently and use cold water--that REALLY helped turn my knots into locks.AND not all of my hair has even started to knot up yet! And its been three months! I have dreads on top that have long, straight tales, and the bottom third portion of my hair is just barely starting to form knots. I call the style "the anti-mullet: party at the front, business at the back" :-) it wouldn't be so bad except the untangled hair is past my shoulders and the new dreads are WILD and stick out all over the place lol! They're a hot mess right now.Consequently, for work, (I'm a high school art teacher) I wear a loose band around my wild medusa locks and put the unlocked hair in a bun.The texture of my straight hair is definitely thicker than my locked hair. That just means its taking longer to get on board. I had really nice locks about 10 years ago and they formed in a similar way. So, I think patience and frequent washing (every other day) is the way to go.BTW--baking soda won't give you the same "feel" shampoo does. It and the apple cider vinegar really will work.I used a special lock forming shampoo because I thought it would speed things up but no. Best wishes and knotty vibes your way!!!
Jessica Reyes
3 years ago
24 posts
What you've missed is patience. Listen, wash when you feel you need to. Shouldn't be less than once a week though. Wash with a dread shampoo. Go to and order some there. And leave your hair alone. Just don't worry about it. Try neglect method for at least 6-8 months and if you do not see progress at all, which is rare, then do twist and rip to help you. But natural method is best. Just let it go really. Separate when you need to. Don't worry about having dreads, worry about the journey, learn about yourself along the way, let your hair be your antennas to a higher power. Let the roots grow, treat them delicately and patiently. Look in the mirror no longer. My advice to you...Peace.
3 years ago
3 posts

Sure, I will find some patience. If I know things are the way they should be :)
Thanks, both of you.
Mary Jo, I got such a lovely picture in my head when I read about your hair.. :)
Did you still recommend baking soda though? I didn't understand really.. What kind of feeling will bs wash give when done right? Did you mean it doesn't get as clean but more efficient somehow?
Jessica, wonderful description about the journey and antennas. I will:) What do you suggest I do those days in school when I somehow need to keep my hair away from face? When I can't not just worry about it at all..

Jessica Reyes
3 years ago
24 posts
What i do for work is i wear a very loose band just to hold them back and once i leave work i immediately let them out. Also, i tam it up alot too. Bandanas, and wraps are also an option, other than that, i push em out of the way sometimes so they dont tickle my nose lol. Face the wind, that helps too lol
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