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Dreadlock natural smell?

4 years ago
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Hey guys. I've been wondering. When rubbing my scalp, in the part where my dreadlocks are, and then smell my fingers afterwards, I get this smell. It's not a bad smell. It's just... it smells of hair tbh? Like... I can't really explain it lol. But, is it normal, that your locks have a certain smell to them?


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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doesnt just about everything? the air the room your in the seat your sitting on the floor youi walk on everything forthe most part has a smell when u sniff it close enough

why are u sniffing your fingers

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4 years ago
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why are u sniffing your fingers


Jessica Reyes
4 years ago
24 posts
TBH i do the same exact thing... Lol. What scares me tho is that when My hair is wet or my scalp is even the tiniest bit sweaty, i can smell myself without touching/rubbing my scalp. It doesn't particularly smell BAD, but it doesn't Pantene :/ i miss that...i wash 1-3 times a week depending and even straight afterwards i will smell it...its just natural. I dont think anyone else smells it because i asked my gf if she does when she is close to me, she said she doesnt.
Jessica Reyes
4 years ago
24 posts
I think it has alot to do with:1) diet2) hair oil adjustmentsBut diet is huge.
4 years ago
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I know what smell you're talking about and I've had similar questions. To me also it smells just... natural, neither good nor bad. I'd say it's more on the good side lol. It's just the oils in our hair and the hair itself. When I smell my hair, the only word that comes to mind is.. crispy.. don't ask me why. It doesn't feel crispy, it's soft! ;p Also I've had someone smell my hair and she didn't really smell anything, so that's good. No one has said anything to me yet lol.

I recently stopped using shampoo/conditioner and just go with baking soda and ACV. I'm on week three of this and my hair has adjusted and is less oily. I've noticed it's shinier now and actually brighter in color (brown). Like tonight, I totally forgot I hadn't washed my hair with BS/ACV in a full week. I didn't notice since my hair seemed fine and actually still doesn't have that smell since washing it a week ago. Of course I scrub my scalp with my fingers every time I take a shower so that counts as washing but when I say washing I mean BS/ACV.

I'm just now starting dreads. I guess these last few weeks were to get my hair adjusted for it all, unbeknownst to me at the time. ;) It's been on my mind here and there for a while but I'm doing it now!

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