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one year of dreadlocks.

Michelle Bueno
4 years ago
8 posts
Hello everybody! I want to start off by saying how amazing it feels to actually follow through with something you tell yourself your going to do. I have been dreading my hair for one year and the way they are turing out is really surprising and quite amazing. I'll admit I was a little skeptical about how my hair would take to forming dreadlocks all on their own, but sure enough with lots of patience and dedication to not want to brush them out they have flourished into beautiful mature dreads. This process has helped me to accept myself as I am and love myself no matter what flaws I have or how out of the norm I am. It has also taught me that following through with a goal you set for yourself is so much more rewarding than quitting or trying to take a short cut. I hope all of you experience the same kind of transformation. Namaste and good luck to all of you.
updated by @michelle-bueno: 01/13/15 10:05:00PM
4 years ago
4 posts

Recent pic plssss! the latest im seeing on your profile is 3 months. Or am i missing something?

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