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2 years TnR/neglet dreadlocks [July2014]

Ricky Mercado
4 years ago
15 posts

Hi dreadlock community, it's been a long time since I've been here on the site and thought I share how my dreads are doing.

I first dreaded my hair using the twist and rip method (At this point I did not know I could have dreads naturally)
1st Day

This is 2 and a half months:

im tilting my head back in this one

This is about 5months in

In this time lapse I had my dreads "retouched" using the interlocking method(bad idea i know...) once but then, after learning the right facts about dreads, I decided to not "retouch" my dreads anymore and let them grow how they want.
I stopped taking personal photos of my hair so I dont have more of the process, but I went to an activity last week that they took photos and my hair was nicely taken a photo of, so here it is:

2 years TnR/neglet dreadlocks

Right now I love my dreads more than ever, and it has been an amazing experience that will continue to reflect the changes in my life and the different stages I have gone through.

Any comments and questions are very welcome

Good vibes and good night.

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Ricky Mercado
4 years ago
15 posts

Figured out how to be able to see the pics in the post.

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