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Crochet repair and congo prevention

4 years ago
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Hey everybody..I received crochet hook dreads maybe 6 or 8 weeks ago. I immediately thought that they were sectioned off too fat with some reaching 1.5 inches on my scalp. I asked her to go smaller as she worked her way up to the front. Now, at least 6 to 8 dreads should be 2 instead of 1. I eliminated one problem thanks to SE by throwing out the crochet hook. I am open for any suggestions. I was able to repair a couple with some hair loss by separating them. I don't think I look good. I wear my hair up all the time.loosely.The ends are still not dreading and some of them look loose when they should be tightly dreaded. I am planning to use tons of conditioner and comb out the ones that need it. I am terrified, like last time, that once I get close to the scalp, they won't unravel due to the loop or whatever the chic did during crochet. At that point, I cut them vertical to separate and lost hairAny suggestions will help:)

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4 years ago
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dont cut them at all those should be more then 2 each 2 a minumum but 3-4 would be even better

when u get to a point that u can no longer comb them out soak in lots more conditioners overnight while working on different dread if u cant comb try picking at it with a knitting needle or something or working it apart with only fingers

they should not6 be tighter! they aee only weweks old and too tight in the tight areas from nthe crochet they should be loose and messy at this stage!

stop weareing em in a bun let em be loose and wild

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