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I hate my scalp showing, any help or comments?

7 years ago
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Thank u for taking the time to read my plea for help. I am having issues w my scalp showig thru my dreads, it drives me crazy. They r a month old I used twist and rip and backcombing method to start them. This is my third round of dreads so it's not like I'm a complete newbie but iv always ha this issue hence why I have taken them out and re did them. Please help!
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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they are young u forced the section ing so will have the sectioning lines till they dread a lil more just leabve em be as u seoerate you will get hairs fu=illing in and new thinner dreads will fu=ill in also u sectioned rather thick so that increzses the gappiness

if u ever do dread again the simplest solution is..dont section..dont bac kcomb..dont tnr.. just let them section and dread themselves u wilk get thick and thin mixed in blending filling in gaps covering the scalp etc

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7 years ago
3 posts
Thanks SE hopefully I won't have to ever dread again. Hopefully I just grin and bear thru this set until they mature I sprayed them tonight w sea salt spray (homemade) going to start peppermint oil on my scalp tomorrow. After I wash.
7 years ago
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time and love is all you need :) Just keep it clean and leave it alone as much as you can and less its separating time!

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