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Hi from Estonia

4 years ago
2 posts

Hey everyone!
I'm a little over a month into my 3rd set of dreads. My favorite thing that has happened so far is that my 7 year old daughter (who has never seen me in real life with dreads) told me, "You look like mommy again!"
She has been my biggest advocate, and tells me how beautiful they are every day, when certain other members of our family are less than excited about this decision to dread again.

The 'worst' thing is that I'm sort of freaking out over the loss of length (I started with waist length hair and it's getting soooo short!!!) and I'm also mourning the times when my girl would brush my hair at night before bed.

So, a little about me. :) I am a holistic health coach and I inspire people to fall in love with their lives, reconnect with their intuition and creativity through, among other things, the food they eat :)

Currently I help single men who are frustrated with the superficial connections they are making on online dating sites and who are seeking a deeper connection to create an energetic space that is welcoming to the more fulfilling relationships they desire. I basically help people raise their vibration, fall in love with life, and get clear on what they really want in a relationship from a more grounded and empowered place.

We're currently in Estonia, but have been back and forth between the US and here for years.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you all!!

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Stephanie Krespach
4 years ago
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I love this post.

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