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My Dreadlock Journey

4 years ago
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Hello all,

So at the start of the year I decided to start my free form dreadlock journey. I had done months of research before hand and grew myself a mini afro and my hair was about 4 inches. I started from a bald head and after about 6-8 month at the start of 2014 I started my neglect dreads journey.

I will say for me personally dreads are a spiritual journey and what started as a hair style has become much more. It is now a representation of me making drastic lifestyle changes as well as an expression of myself. I for the first time in my life am wearing my hair how I want to and not to conform to what society deems acceptable. My hair is also a direct link to my personal strength as a person and no comb nor razor shall ever touch my hair again.

I am of African and European descent and my dreads are 100% free form locs. They have never been twisted, palm rolled, etc. The only thing I do is shampoo and condition my hair about 1-3 times a week and occasionally add in tea tree oil or vitamin e oil to prevent it from drying out. Though I have found that now that I do not use product I only do this twice a month as I have found now that I am natural my hair provides itself sufficient oils.

I have also noticed that wow free form does dread faster I am 7 months in and locked. I have also posted pics some pics as well to show my dreads currently. Hope you enjoy I will have them all linked later as I have noticed that finding 100% free form dread pics in African hair is rare. Sadly the salons have started most peoples journey in the worse of ways which infuriates me.

I will post a link to a site later to show my complete journey from start to current later. On a final note thank you to the people herebecause of your information I avoided the salon mistakes of twisting, lock gel, etc.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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they look awesome!

qnd welcome back..its been awhile good to see your still on the path

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4 years ago
17 posts

Yes I am just been very busy

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