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Texas plains

Nathaniel Lopez
4 years ago
26 posts

So I have been looking for fellow dreadheads in the area because I have a few questions but I have not been able to find anyone so I have decided to ask you guys. I live in Amarillo Texas and Its REALLY dusty and windy here. I am having to do a deep cleans more than once a month and its a bit of a hassle. No matter what I do, there is a huge amount of red dust that I have to constantly wash out of my locks. Does anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions?

updated by @nathaniel-lopez: 01/13/15 10:04:24PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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just wash as often as u need to shampoo should get it out too a satin wrap woll keep alot out but theres niothing wrong with just washing it out as often as nedded

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Nathaniel Lopez
4 years ago
26 posts

I dont mind the washing but it doesnt get it all out unless I do a deep clean and the vinegar is kinda stripping all the color out.

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