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Freeform dreads unraveling?

4 years ago
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So far I've been freeforming my hair for a month and a half. They were getting pretty tight but 2 days ago i washed my hair with bs as usual, but i always have a bit of trouble getting it out all the way. So what i did and have done before was sprayed my scalp really good on like full blast. Anyway after i got out and dried them ( I blow dry by the way ) i shook my head and they felt really light. I felt them and noticed they were kinda loose, not really unraveling but they felt really soft and weak. I was wondering if this is a normal stage dreadlocks go through, or was it possibly cause i sprayed my head so roughly. After i slept on it they felt more firm, but not like they were. Is this normal? I've been worrying about it. Thanks
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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another day they will most likely feel tighter still its probly just softer after washing

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4 years ago
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Ok thanks. I hope so. Dont want to mess anything up
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