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Some questions befor I get dreads

Cece DeSimone
4 years ago
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Hello members of the dreadlocks community!

I want locks SO bad and one of the major set backsmy mom has to themis keeping them clean. I understand it's possible to wash them and all but I'm atri-varsity goalie at my high school soneedless to sayI sweat. A lot. Can I wash them everyday? How will that effect them? If I wash them everyday will my hairbe guaranteed not to smell more than it would with straight hair?

My mom also doesn't like them because she believes that thefallen out hairthat stays in the dread will eventually rot and smell. It's kindaa good point so I was just wonderinghowpeople who have had dreads for a long time combat this?

Please help so I can convince my mom and get kickin dreads!

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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i po0sted several letters to9 parents

but ..washing every day might mean they never dry and then thats when they will rot aqnd stink (ofcourse wax and residues also09 can help make them rot)

y9ou should wash often but every 2-3 days is better\

sweat wont stink if its not toxic and full of bacteria raw vegans almost never smell as an example

ifyyour systems clean the swewat will be too and every other day or so is plenty

the biggest causes of snmells in dreads are

being wet all the time so getting dread rot

wax..causing dread rot

never ever washing ..

tho the mildwewy smell from overewashinmg smells worse then the smell of never washing at all

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