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Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo with Peppermint??

4 years ago
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Anyone ever used this on their locks? (or whatnot) recommends it but it doesn't say whether it's okay to use in hard water.Someone on a forum (on this site actually!) said "If there's a Trader Joe's nearby, try their Tea Tree Tingle shampoo. It's SLS, SLES free and has a ton of awesome botanicals and essential oils in there... peppermint and tea tree = happy scalp." on a post where someone was complaining about residue.Advice? Right now I'm using a clarifying shampoo.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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its better then a clarifying shampoo by far

it should work in any water since its not a pure soap

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4 years ago
200 posts
Ok great! I'm so excited to try it! :)
Anna Blocker
4 years ago
25 posts

I have used it, and I like it. It can leave my hair feeling a little bit dry but other than that I have had no issues.

4 years ago
172 posts

Personally, I have talked to multiple other members on here, and from personal experience, it will eventually cause quite a build up.. It may be ok to use on occasion, but I wouldn't suggest it for long term use.. You may not have any problems with it, but like I said, from those I have talked to, and from what I have experienced, when you first begin using it, it seems ok, but through time it definitely caused a build up for me... So, I guess you could try it out and see how it works for you, but be a little cautious.. If you look around enough on this forum, you will find some articles on some of the problems people have had with it. (once again, I am not saying to not use it.. Just would be good to read about them, so you know what to look for.)

Ash T
4 years ago
25 posts

I alternate between TJ's Tea Tree shampoo and Dr. Bronner's (peppermint or rose are my favorites!). I only wash once to twice weekly, and tend to be on the oilier side. TJ's definitely helps keep my oily scalp clean and fresh without any itchies the whole week through.

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